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O     (Dreams of a Drowning World) - for installation, in conjunction with Kahn & Selesnick



The Braid. (Silent, 16mm)   A collaboration with Parisian artist Edgar Sarin.    [Watch in 1080p !]       


/ three strands, the third one, interwoven, as the viewer\



16mm, silent.   2014  (thesis at Bard College - created under the guidance of Peter Hutton) 


/Suppose you could bring an ark of memories with you after death, but only a limited amount, what would they be? An attempt at a psycho-dramatic portrait, bellying out in the broken head of the house, attempt to create a fluid motion, peering up through different nooks of the ark in its struggle with the waste\ 

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P r o s o p o n (2012)

Stills from The Braid